What my body told me today

Listening to your body is key to helping you stay on track with your health. Our bodies give us messages everyday about what is happening on a physical level. I would like to share from time to time what I learn from my body and how I do that so you too can learn to connect with yours and stay healthy. 

So each morning I scan my body to see if there are any pains and just check in with what is going on. This morning my stomach was a bit rumbly. Now most of you know that I am also known as The IBS Lady and I have suffered from IBS in the past. I know my triggers so I checked in with what I eaten in the past 72 hours or if I had been stressed or had anything else happen to see what I could discover. We had been out for dinner the night before and I had chosen to eat meatballs in red wine sauce. (you can see how I choose restaurant dishes here). I had also had a red wine and my intuition told me that that was what had triggered my stomach to have some gas and just feel a bit off. Alcohol can be a trigger for many people and if I go over board i.e. having a red wine sauce along with drinking red wine, I get symptoms.   

This was a pretty simple deduction, but it helped me to know that I won't order that dish again and to be careful with how much wine I drink. 

What did your body tell you today?