Yes I still get IBS symptoms – but what is different now

Shock Horror! You might think that because I am The IBS Lady and yes I treat people for IBS that I should never get any IBS symptoms.

Well I went through my IBS journey and learned a lot but there is not an ultimate cure. I must admit that I still do get IBS symptoms. But there is a big difference between what I used to go through and what I go through now. I believe that getting people to this level is what I am meant to do to help them to live happy healthy fulfilled lives. Here is what is different about me now:

1. I know what causes my symptoms.

After years of doctors telling me they didn’t know what causes IBS and going to dieticians and a multitude of tests, I found a naturopath that helped me to work it out. I did a well-designed elimination diet based on FODMAPs and a gut healing protocol. I also studied meditation and yoga. As a result I know that the causes of my symptoms are a build-up of stress, gluten, dairy and too much sugar. If I stick to a gluten and dairy free diet, based on whole foods, I don’t have symptoms. However, if I decide to eat that pizza or have some cake at a party, I know I will react. But that leads me to my next point:


 2. My symptoms are much less of a problem, with less pain (and explosiveness).

Due to the gut healing protocol and the avoidance of triggers, if I do happen to eat the wrong food or have a stressful week, the symptoms are only mild. I had grown up eating a gluten and dairy based diet. Cereal with milk in the morning, ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and something like lasagne for dinner, had me feeling sick all the time. As my gastrointestinal system was highly inflamed and had proceeded to leaky gut, almost all foods would set me off. However, now that the inflammation has gone and my gut has healed, the symptoms are reduced. I also have a minimum tolerance level for the gluten and dairy, so a little bit doesn’t send me running to the bathroom.


3. I know what to do about it.

Before I healed and learned my triggers, I was overwhelmed almost everyday. What could I eat and what couldn’t I? It felt like nothing I did helped and everything was a trigger. This then also increased my stress levels and subsequently my symptoms. However, now as a result of holistic healing, I am empowered with the knowledge of my triggers and I have strategies to combat symptoms if I get them.


This is why I created my Gut Healing Program, to give other people what I have – the empowerment to know their triggers, to have their digestive system healed and learn strategies for those inevitable human times when we slip up. If it’s time for you to heal and get your digestive system back on track, sign up today.