How to be busy without being stressed

Stress lady.jpg

Most people these days have some level of stress in their lives. Whether it is work, relationships, social media or something else that makes you stressed, it is a big problem. Most people feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done. We are busy busy busy.

But did you know there is a big difference between being busy and being stressed? A lot of people automatically think that because they are busy they are obviously going to be stressed at the same time and the two go hand in hand. But that isn’t the case!

I’m here to break down that myth and help you to separate the two, so you can get more work done without the stress. Let’s look first at their definitions from

Busy – having a great deal to do.

Stressed - subject to pressure or tension or become tense or anxious; worry.

Can you see a difference? Being busy is more physical and is more of a fact that you have many things to do. You become stressed when you put the pressure or tension in the mix and is more of a perception of the mind.

So how can you change this perception?

 1.      Believing that this is even possible is the first step. When you look at your to do list, do you automatically feel stressed? Can you take a breath and think, I can get all this done in a timely manner without feeling stressed?

2.      If you constantly feel like there is not enough time in the day, then there won’t be. It’s like the saying from Henry Ford - If you think you can or you can't, you're right. So use this mantra to change your mindset and see how it works out - there is enough time.

3.      Knowing you are just as productive without the stress. When you are working and going about the day, do you feel like you are constantly rushing? Is that what makes you feel busy and productive? Many people feel that if you aren’t rushing and constantly stressed then you aren’t working hard enough. This is not true. What would happen if you actually slowed down? I find that if you slow down you are actually more focused and get more done. Without the stress, you aren’t using up valuable time and brain power worrying and you can focus.

Use these strategies and let me know whether they work for you.