If you suffer from IBS chances are food is involved in causing your symptoms. Caitlin's Gut Healing Program is based on the FODMAPs elimination diet with some naturopathic changes to reflect a more holistic approach. By the end of the 10 week program you will have pinpointed problematic foods, restored gut health and learned how to better your digestive processes. 

What's involved?

The program comes as an e-book for you to follow. For the first four weeks you will eliminate problematic foods that have been shown to cause IBS symptoms in the general population. Following this period of elimination you will challenge different types of foods to find out what your triggers are. 



For years I didn’t know what what wrong with me and my symptoms were so bad. The gut healing program helped me to discover what my triggers were. The first four weeks I felt more and more fantastic and the gut healing has improved everything.
— Julia