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Holistic Health & Embodiment

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  • Somatic Stress Release

  • Emotional Eating Program


Connect deeply with your body


Hi! I´m Caitlin

I can help you connect to your body.

I can help my clients get to the root cause of their health problems and understand the interconnectedness of the condition with emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. 

Using naturopathy, nutrition and somatic practices, I can help you to contact your body and build a beautiful healthy relationship with it. 

While emotional eating, IBS and digestive issues are my specialty, I also works with people with a wide range of conditions that require a more in-depth and personalised approach.

Originally from Australia, I now live in Chile and consult in Spanish as well as English in-person and online.



Caitlin offers services in different modalities to help you connect to your body and feel well, mind, body and spirit.

Organic Farmer

Holistic health check

Modern Dancer

Somatic Stress Release

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6-month emotional eating program

Understand your body

Caitlin will review your diet, lifestyle and each of your body systems along with stress, mindset and other factors to show you simple and practical changes to make for your overall health and wellness.

Connect to your body and process emotions

Somatic stress release helps you to process the emotions that your body holds. Caitlin will guide you as you connect deeply with your body and what it needs.

Heal body, mind and spirit

Emotional eating is not about how much willpower you have, or how healthy your diet is. In this program we look at the underlying needs of your body, mind and spirit to help you release the need to emotionally eat as a coping mechanism when life gets hard.

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