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Caitlin Wheat

Connect deeply with your body

Do you feel:

  • overwhelmed

  • uncomfortable in your body?

Do you want to be able to access:

  • presence

  • and joy

despite life´s ups and downs?​


This work is for you if it’s time to be at ease in your body.

Caitlin holds space for you to come into connection with yourself and your body to discover deep presence and ease.

She uses nutrition, naturopathy, herbal medicine, somatic stress release, and meditation during her sessions

Somatic Stress Release

A body and movement based practice that helps process and release emotions that might be trapped in the body.

Fresh Ingredients


Naturopathy is a holistic modality that uses nutrition, herbal medicine, flower essences, and other tools to get to the root cause of the problem.


A contemplative practice that helps connection to both yourself, and that which is greater than you.


Meditate at home

Getting started

Begin your journey with your body

In this three part package, Caitlin will guide you using specific tools personalized to your needs and challenges. You will come into deeper presence and connection with your body, and start healing what needs to be healed, and feeling what needs to be felt.

Includes 3 x 1hr sessions

$250 USD

Young Man on Beach

Continuing Your Journey

Support yourself on the regular

Continue deepening your relationship with your body with support from Caitlin. This can be:

  • Once a week

  • Once every 2 weeks

  • Once per month

If you would like to talk to Caitlin to see if this work is right for you, book a free 15-min chat here  or use the contact form below to ask a question

Workshops & Events

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Descubriendo tus limites
Aug 12, 2023, 11:30 AM
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About me
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About Caitlin

Caitlin has always loved helping people. When she became sick with IBS, her journey of self discovery also meant helping others with the same kinds of complex issues, and this initially led her to naturopathy.


She then added meditation practice to her toolbox because of the interconnectedness between the body and the mind. She has now also been trained in somatic stress release as she felt that her practice was missing emotional support techniques. 


She’s great at holding space and allowing people to be themselves in whatever they’re going through. She supports them in their ups and downs, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

She lives in Chile with her cute dog Bella, and her partner Bruno. She loves dancing, hiking, and being in nature.

Caitlin is also the co-founder of Well Within, a community for connection and support on your wellness journey. Check out the community´s events, workshops and more here


Contact Caitlin

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